About Us

Who We Are

Top talent driving innovation in real estate

The Pilon Group strives to perfect the systems and strategies that have made us the #1 RE/MAX Hallmark Team in Ottawa.  We tap into our team’s unparalleled knowledge of the local real estate market, real estate tech tools, aggressive marketing and search engine strategies that help us achieve the best possible success for our clients.


What Sets Us Apart

At the Pilon Group, we have a defining culture of doing much more than just selling real estate.  As a RE/MAX organization, we share the culture of serving each other, our communities and our planet.  Our mission, vision, values and culture differentiate us as industry innovators and leaders.

Our Mission

To assist our clients in making the best real estate decisions possible by empowering a team of innovative, ambitious forward thinking experts all looking to inspire a memorable experience.

  • Providing superior counsel to our clients through leadership, experience and knowledge.
  • Engaging in honest, loyal and ethical business practices.
  • Committing to passionately exceed our customer’s expectations.
  • Providing innovative strategies for business development.

Our Vision

To achieve the highest possible standards, and to be the clear and acknowledged leader in our marketplace in sales activity and community enhancement with amazing results for our clients.

  • Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.
  • Preserve the value of home ownership as the fabric of our communities.
  • Maintain an ongoing commitment to serve our communities by contributing our time and financial resources.
  • Be a highly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.

Our Culture

Our winning culture defines the attitudes and behaviors that will be required of us to make our vision a reality.

Our Values

Our values serve as a compass for our actions and describe how we behave in the world.

Leadership: We know the way, we show the way.
Excellence: We employ talented, motivated people and allow them to pursue excellence.
Collaboration: We leverage our collective genius.
Integrity: We honor our commitments.
Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions.
Passion: We always look for the good.
Quality: What we do, we do well.

Our Market

  • We focus on needs of our clients.
  • We know our market, listen, observe and learn.
  • We focus on execution in the marketplace every day.
  • We are insatiably curious.

Our Work

  • We act with urgency.
  • We are responsive to change
  • We have the courage to change course when needed.
  • We work efficiently.


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