We Specialize in Ottawa Relocations

Ottawa Military, Federal or RCMP Relocations.

Transfering to a new location is never easy no matter how many times you have done it. With the Pilon Real Estate Group, we understand the unique needs of military families and are trained to assist you with every aspect of a move.

We understand the pressure and stress transferees experience: Moving to a strange city, and having to make a housing decision in a short period of time. We have broadened their knowledge and expertise in this field by taking courses and have helped families relocating from all over the world.

The Pilon Real Estate Group is committed to providing transferring members with service beyond their expectation. We are approved suppliers of DNDIRP and RCMPIRP contracts. When you are posted into Ottawa or out of Ottawa our job is to make the move as stress free as possible.

When moving to Ottawa we will:

  • Contact you by phone to ascertain what you need and what you want in your new home.
  • Courier you a relocation package with information on real estate, city maps, schools, recreation facilities, public transit and any other information you require.
  • Assist you with hotel and car rental selection for your house hunting trip (HHT) if requested.
  • Work only with you during your HHT so you receive the attention you need to find your new home
  • Assist you with selection of a lawyer and home inspector.
  • Provide you with contacts such as family doctor, dentist, insurance broker.

We know that house hunting trips are short and require quick decisions. We have helped hundreds of families make these moves and are organized to make the process an easy one for you.

When moving out of Ottawa we will:

  • Contact a reputable REALTOR in your destination city.
  • Provide you with a completed market analysis of your current home’s value
  • List your home on the MLS system of the Ottawa Real Estate Board
  • Assist you if requested in selection of a lawyer to complete the transaction
  • Negotiate an Agreement of Purchase and Sale
  • Forward all necessary paperwork to your lawyer
  • Keep in close contact with you during the selling process , closing date and thereafter.
  • Maintain contact with you through our quarterly newsletters

All services provided by The Pilon Real Estate Group and the service providers such as Lawyers, Home Inspectors are in compliance with the DNDIRP and RCMPIRP


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