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Is now the time to Invest in Ottawa Real Estate?

Interest rates are at an all time low.  Variable and fixed rate mortgages are below 4%.  Low interest rates mean low monthly payments which is one main reason you as an investor can achieve positive cash-flow.

A moderate drop in property values coupled with low-interest rates allows you low enough payments to create a monthly surplus through rental income. If you take advantage and buy while prices are low it adds the benefit of potential property value appreciation should prices increase significantly.

The rental market has remained strong, due in part to stricter lending requirements by the federal government, keeping roughly 15% more of the population in the rental market and out of home ownership. Ottawa’s Vacancy rate has remained below 5% for the most part while rents remain at all time high, which helps keep your rental units rented with healthy monthly income.

What’s in it for you?

What exactly are the benefits from working with a real estate consultant who understands the nuances of real estate investing and who speaks the language of an investor? We’ve worked with and continue to advise clients from ranging from beginners to savvy investors who own hundreds of doors. You will tap into the vast knowledge and experience of our specialists who also have growing portfolios of their own and are true students of real estate investment.

Benefits to Pilon Group Investor Clients

  1. Priority access to the best cash flow deals in the Ottawa Real Estate market (often before they even hit the MLS listing system). These are properties a Pilon Group Specialist has determined may yield phenomenal returns.
  2. Peace of mind.  We remove the confusion and guess work by demonstrating to you actual cash on cash returns a property will generate and give you all the necessary information for you to make a truly informed decision.
  3. Two heads are better than one. Gain access to creative ways of boosting cash-flow and returns through programs that are tried tested and true techniques to boost income, reduce expenses and minimize vacancies.  We share with you all the closely guarded strategies we use on our own personal portfolios.
  4. We will align you with the best mortgage products specific to investors.  If you own multiple properties you likely know how hard it can be to obtain financing for the next great deal. Certain banks are more investor friendly than others and we are willing to share our list.  By having a specialist advise you from day one, you are sure to have the correct foundation to build your real estate empire.

You get to “Join the Club”!

You will be welcomed into our entire team of professionals from home inspectors, financial advisors, insurance brokers, lawyers and accountants to make sure you have the dream team behind you while you grow your net worth.

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