Jason Pilon – Broker of Record

BROKER OF RECORD 806 properties


“Selling our beautiful house was one of the most difficult things we had to do especially within a very short time frame. In retrospective, I couldn’t think of anyone versatile as Jason who could have done this for us. Our house was quite a challenge given the amount of upgrades, the price and the location, but as a good realtor Jason rose to the challenge.

He was always available to answer to our question, advise us, kept in touch via phone, text and always updated us whenever anything new came up. There wasn’t a time he made us feel we were disturbing him. Never failed to answer any questions we had despite being at a match with his kids or on holidays with his family. We never had such a dedicated and good service. As new sellers, we have learned a lot in the process and we are very thankful for his patience and professional service. He brings a sense of novelty in this business that is very unique and have a very dynamic team that work in synchronization with him. The drone, video and pictures were spot on. These are important details that bring out the beauty and value of your house.

I couldn’t stress enough that Jason knows his business and he is good at it. You got to trust him and let him do his work!

I will absolutely recommend him.”

Divya & Yannick