Which is Most Important, Style or Location?

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What’s more important when it comes to buying a home? The style and size of the house, or the neighbourhood that the home is in?

We posed this question to our Pilon Real Estate Group Influencers to get their thoughts on what’s more important: style or location?


Of course the debate between style or location will always come down to the client’s preference; however, from a re-sale point of view, it’s better to choose an appealing neighbourhood, according to 91% of our Influencers.

“For investment purposes down the road, it might be tougher to sell a nice house in an unappealing community,” says Jason Pilon, Pilon Real Estate Group.

Upgrade vs. Moving Neighborhoods

Another consideration is that it’s much easier to upgrade your home than your neighbourhood. A great neighbourhood will always maintain the value of your home. You can always fix up a house and get a good return on your investment.

“A building could be renovated at the right price. Negative externalities of the neighbourhood can’t be immediately fixed, such as railroad tracks next door,” says Tara Descoteaux, Pilon Real Estate Group.

Lifestyle Factors into Location

A great location is also ideal from a lifestyle point of view. Many families share a vehicle; therefore, it is incredibly important that they live within walking or cycling distance of work, schools and/or shops.

“Choosing a home that is in—or close to—the neighbourhood where you spend your time working or socializing causes less stress than having to commute,” says Amber Hurtubise, Pilon Real Estate Group.

Style and Size of the Home

Although most of our Influencers believe in the phrase, “location, location location,” 9% of respondents argued that the style and size of the home is most critical to make sure it matches the needs of the client.

For example, if you move into a house that is smaller than what you were hoping for, although the location might be perfect, the cramped home may impact your emotional wellbeing on a daily basis.

“You live in your house every day. If the layout doesn’t fit you or your family, it won’t work. Of course location is very important, but don’t compromise your biggest investment.

All of our Pilon Real Estate Group Influencers agreed that they will work their hardest to make sure you get the right home to fit your needs, in the best neighbourhood possible.

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