Tips on How to Level Up Your Kitchen Cabinets

How to Make Your Kitchen More Accessible - Shelves That Slide

How often do you find yourself dreaming your kitchen functioned a bit better? Like every time you can’t find a utensil? Or when you’re greeted by an avalanche of pot lids every time you open a cabinet? If you constantly find yourself wishing your kitchen was more functional and practical, this article is for you!

Adding function and practicality to your kitchen cabinets is easier and more cost-effective than you might think. These 13 handy organizers, inserts, pullouts and more offer up no-reno solutions that will make storing and accessing your kitchen tools, gadgets and utensils a breeze!

1. Slide out shelves

Forget crawling around on your hands and knees trying to reach those pots and pans in the back of your cupboard. Slide out shelving is an excellent solution for lower cabinets allowing you to store and access heavy pots and pans, baking dishes and serving ware, and even small appliances like toasters or electric frying pans. Say goodbye to messy and cluttered shelves; with one effortless slide, all these items are instantly within reach!

2. Spice rack

If you’ve mistaken your cayenne pepper for cinnamon more than once, it’s time for a spice rack! With a variety of options on the market, from free-standing spinners to easy-to-install trays and drawer inserts, a spice rack will not only keep your fragrant flavourings beautifully organized, it will keep them within arm’s reach.

3. Kitchenware divider

If you have pots and pans, then you know how much of a pain those pesky lids can be. Keep them neat, clean, and organized in a handy kitchenware divider or rack. Install this divider in your pot drawer or cabinet and never waste space with scattered lids again.

4. Corner cabinet organization

If your home has a corner cabinet, chances are you are all too familiar with the challenges its layout presents. Luckily, there are some pretty clever and innovative storage solutions on the market, like this blind-corner unit, that can help you make the most of that dead space, which is especially important if you have a small kitchen.

5. Flatware tray

Make the space you do have work harder by organizing your cutlery and utensils in a flatware tray. Available in almost every home store, you’ll thank yourself every time you reach for a spoon and… pull out a spoon! A place for everything, everything in its place.

6. Heavy duty lift system

Never lug your bread maker, deep-fryer or stand mixer out of your cabinets again! This cabinet lift system makes retrieving your heavy small appliances a breeze. The spring-loaded lift brings your appliance to counter-height for easy transfer to your countertop. Now you can keep your countertop clutter-free, allowing your backsplash to become a main focal point!

7. Packet organizer

Instantly organize your packets of soup, tea, hot chocolate and spice blends with this simple packet organizer. Whether you have a large pantry or are tight on space, this organizer makes it easy to find and access whatever packet you need.

8. Can organizer

Canned food takes up a lot of space in your pantry and cupboards so, if you have tons of cans and not enough space, why not try a can organizer? Neatly store all your canned goods while still being able to take stock of what you have and grab what you need.

9. Pull-out trash can

Ideal for under-sink kitchen cabinetry, a pull-out trash/recyclables can allows you to keep all that “junk” hidden, yet easily accessible. It’s a  clever way to free up floor space and keep the trash out the hands of toddlers or the mouths of your pets.

10. Utility base cabinet

This utility base cabinet organizer features a stainless-steel pegboard-style panel that includes a variety of accessory hooks to organize almost anything you need. Pegboards are an efficient way to make use of vertical space and a handy hack that can be used anywhere in your kitchen. Hang pots, pans, tongs, spatulas, measuring cups… you name it!

11. Pull-down shelving

Hate pulling up a chair or getting out the step ladder every time you need something off the top shelf? Well, with this unique pull-down shelving system, the shelves come to you! With one gentle pull, the gas-assisted lifting/lowering mechanism pulls the shelves out of the cabinet and lowers them to counter height. It makes reaching those commonly-used items a little easier.

12. Pan rack

There is nothing worse then pulling out your favourite non-stick pan only to discover it has been scratched by another pan. Nesting pans inside one another is never recommended, which is why a pan rack is key to keeping your pans scratch-free. Stack up to five pans vertically or horizontally, saving space and your pans.

13. Dry goods container set

Is your pantry overrun with rogue cereal boxes, opened bags of rice or dried beans that are always getting pushed to the back and forgotten? Keep everything organized, easily on hand and in view with clear plastic containers. Not only do they make taking inventory easy, they help keep your goods fresh with an air-tight seal.

Making one of the most used rooms in your house functional and practical is easier than you think with one or all of these simple cabinet solutions. So, put down that crowbar and sledgehammer, you don’t need to gut your kitchen to make it useful.

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