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With the evolving COVID-19 situation, there are many things to consider when selling your home. From strict safety protocols to online, virtual viewings, the experience of selling a home is a much different experience than it has been in the past. Adjusting to new procedures when protocols are constantly changing can be difficult.  Many sellers are struggling to find their footing in the current market and need the advice of a professional to help guide them through the process.

We reached out to our Pilon Real Estate Group Influencers – a panel of Pilon Group Sales Associates from across Ottawa –  who provided some collective experiences for sellers navigating the current market.

COVID-19 & Showing Your Home Safely

Some of the biggest concerns sellers have include showing their homes safely, how in-person showings work during COVID-19, and what safety practices Pilon Group Agents have in place to ensure the safety of the seller and their home. With these concerns in mind, many Pilon Group Agents are taking extra precautions to respect current protocols and parties involved in the transaction.

When asked specifically what they have been doing to address these concerns, Pilon Group Agents noted they are keeping clients informed by reminding their clients about the current COVID-19 protocols that need to be respected. Many state that they require the buyer and the buyer’s agent to sign agreements to ensure they are following proper protocols. Agents also mentioned that they are focusing on ensuring buyers have serious interest in the property and are fully pre-qualified for their financing requirements before in-person showings are scheduled. This ensures the reduced foot traffic inside the seller’s property is highly qualified, wiling and able to purchase the home if it passes their final inspection and meets their needs.

The Pilon Real Estate Group offers masks during showings and carry hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes. Our agents provide hand sanitizer when we the enter the home and again when we leave. If the lights are not already turned on in the home, we also use the Lysol wipes and ask the buyers to not touch anything. If they do touch something, we sanitize it after. we also have the buyers sign a COVID-19 Buyer Waiver provided by our association and we ensure that only the ‘decision makers’ are attending the showing.

What is Happening in the Market?

Sellers and consumers looking to get into the market are concerned about what is happening currently and what the future looks like in the coming months. Many sellers have voiced concern over whether they should wait until COVID‑19 has completely passed to list their house and whether they will be able to sell it in the current market. Another main concern is where the housing market will go in the next three to six months. Whether to buy first or sell first is another common question amongst consumers.

Pilon Group Agents have been helping answer these concerns by providing local market statistics showing actual real estate sales activity in the market. They are providing tips on how sellers can make their homes stand out to potential buyers. Many agents are also using forms and waivers to ensure the safety of buyers and sellers during showings and many have been providing weekly data analysis and market updates to help keep sellers informed with the most up-to-date information on market activities.

How are House Prices Being Affected?

Perhaps one of the biggest questions on the minds of both sellers and buyers is that of housing prices in the current market and how house prices are being affected. There are many factors that will affect housing prices, some of which include supply and demand, consumer confidence and location. Speculators may be waiting for buying opportunities. Sellers may feel they will want to get into the market before price changes occur. Pilon Real Estate Group Agents work to keep their clients as updated as possible by regularly communicating and providing up-to-date local market insights to help alleviate potential stress.

Changes to supply and demand can happen quickly and it is advisable to have a professional real estate agent interpret market conditions and guide you on your home buying or selling journey.

What Happens After My Home Sells?

Many sellers who currently have their homes on the market also have concerns beyond the sale of their home. They could be questioning how to proceed following their home sale with things like purchasing a new home and moving their belongings. Sellers are concerned about whether they will be able to find a home to buy and how completing the transaction will be possible with lawyers and other services operating under limited hours.

Being positive is the biggest thing Pilon Group Agents are doing to help alleviate the concerns of sellers right now. They are wanting to encourage the public to not be afraid of the buying and selling process. Even though showings are different now than they were before, they are still taking place and homes are still selling. Many Pilon Real Estate Group Influencers noted business in their markets has been picking up and they are available as trusted guides to help you through the process.

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