New Year, New Homeowner: Habits to Ditch in 2021

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When it comes to owning a home, there are some bad habits that should’ve been ditched long ago. So, with the new year upon us, now is the perfect chance to shake them off. In the long run, it’ll be better for you and your home!

Postponing Maintenance

Every season, draw out a list of the maintenance tasks you need to perform. Ensure that your home is well insulated by fixing any gaps and holes. Clean out your gutters and fireplace. Check your plumbing for any clogging or leaks. Keep your yard tidy and trim any trees and hedges that are overgrown. The list goes on.

Keeping on top of seasonal maintenance work may cost you time and a few hundred dollars, but it can save you a costly repair later on.

Making Unnecessary Upgrades

Repainting a room or replacing an old kitchen appliance are sound investments. However, an in-ground swimming pool or walk-in closet could leave you with a hole in your budget and not much to show in terms of added home value. Before making any home improvements, always take a moment to ask: will this increase the value of your home? Is it something you can afford at the moment? And most importantly, is it actually needed?

Going for the Cheapest Option

Cutting down on costs when you’re renovating or doing home maintenance projects is always a sensible thing to do. However, cheap appliances and materials are cheap for a reason. And before you know it, you will need to either replace them, or fix the damage done when they break. Instead, rethink your budget for home projects and allow yourself to spend a bit more on a quality product that will also last longer.

Storing Items You Don’t Need

Nobody likes clutter, but tucking everything away in drawers, cabinets and wardrobes won’t make it go away. One way to make sure that your home isn’t filled with items you don’t need or use is to make a habit of regularly sorting through them. Every month, make a list of any items you haven’t used and are unlikely to use, and either donate or sell them.

Taking Long, Hot Showers

We’re sure that everyone enjoys a long, relaxing soak in a hot shower. Your home, however, does not. On one hand, long showers will result in a large water and heating bill. On the other hand, the moisture building up inside the bathroom will increase the risk of mold and mildew, especially if you don’t have proper ventilation. Keep your showers short and cool. In the long run, it’s better for your house, the environment, and even your skin.

Indiscriminate Flushing

Many products have ‘flushable’ on the label, yet that doesn’t mean that they should go down the toilet. The truth is that seemingly harmless items such as flushable wipes, paper towels and even hair are top culprits for clogged plumbing. And that’s not even counting disposable diapers or pads. So unless you want to become thoroughly acquainted with your plumber in 2021, tossing them in a bin is the best choice.

Unplugging a Power Plug by Its Cord

There are two reasons why this is a bad habit. For starters, pulling the cord of a device can cause the wires inside to strain and break, which can result in an electrical fire. Also, pulling the cord puts a strain on the wall socket, which can not only come off the wall, but also result in torn wires and, again, the risk of fire. Instead, unplug your electrical devices by pulling the plug.

Forgetting to Change Filters

Here’s a quick mental exercise: how many filters are there in your home? If you can’t name them all, there’s a good chance you already forgot to change some of them. From HVAC and heating, to water and lint filters, all of them need to be changed regularly. Checking the lint filter in your dryer is especially important, because it is one of the main causes of home fires.

Wearing Shoes Indoors

This bad habit can damage your flooring in time, as well as make it difficult to keep your floors clean. Not to mention the fact that the soles of your shoes carry thousands of bacteria into your home on a daily basis. Simply leave your outside shoes on a mat by the door and put on some fluffy slippers: they’re not only cleaner, but also infinitely comfier.

Dismissing Home Security

Many of us have worked from home in 2020, so it’s tempting to be complacent with home security. However, simply installing a security camera above your door, or even in your doorbell, can bring you a lot of peace of mind. This way, you can also keep track of parcels and other deliveries.

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