How to Choose the Perfect Location

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There are many things you can change and upgrade in a home. One of the only exceptions to that rule is location. It is important for you to choose a location that not only fits your needs, but also is in a community you would feel comfortable calling home.

When beginning your home search, it might be easy to get distracted by the features of a home, but it is extremely important to take time to think about where you would like to live, before you can dive deeper into the type of home you would like to live in. Fortunately, we have put together a five-step guide to help navigate you through this very important step of your home buying journey.

Step 1: Urban Vs Suburban

There are pros and cons to living in both, but one important factor is the cost of living in each location. If you prefer to live in the city, look at all your options to see what your budget will get you in the city, versus what it will get you in the suburbs. After weighing both options, the question remains, Urban or Suburban?

Step 2: Explore the Neighbourhood:

Depending on if you are a young professional, are raising a young family, or are downsizing, you are likely looking for a likeminded community and neighbourhood where you will fit in. While conducting online research is a great place to start, nothing is better than first hand experience. These tips will help you choose the perfect neighbourhood.

Step 3: Research Proximity to Work and School

Did you know that many Canadians feel that the time it takes to get to work is often as important as the job itself? According to the survey, commute time could be a deciding factor in choosing one job over another, and the same applies for choosing the location of your home. When choosing a neighbourhood, take some time to research the proximity to work and schools.

Step 4: Think About Family & Friends

Finding the right locations means considering the distance to family and friends, and how long it will take you to get to them. If a new location will mean you are further away from the people closest to you, you must consider if it is still the right option for you.

Step 5: Look Into Crime Rates

One of the main reasons your house feels like home is because as soon as you walk through the door, you feel safe. Getting a good understanding of what happens in the neighbourhood you are considering moving to can easily be done by conducting research on the crime rates in that area, compared to the other areas you are considering.

Although you may just be starting your search for your dream home, this is one of the most important steps that cannot be taken lightly. Your Real Estate Agent is also a great resource for information on the many neighbourhoods within a city.

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