Curb Appeal Improvements to Help Sell Your Home

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First impressions matter, especially when it comes to selling your home. Your home’s curb appeal, how it looks on the outside, will attract potential buyers or drive them away. You may have done a lot of interior renovations, but to get that buyer in the door, your home will have to look attractive and well-maintained on the outside too.

Here are three areas you can improve that can boost curb appeal and help you sell your home:

Replace your old siding

Your home’s cladding makes up the entire façade of your home. If your siding is damaged, peeling or dirty it will have a drastic and negative affect on your curb appeal. More than that, siding that is no longer doing its job is putting your home at risk of water penetration and damage. If your home sustains water damage, this will be a major turn off for buyers.

Siding contractors can show options for cost-effective, attractive siding that will help show your home in its best light. A vinyl siding replacement has a good return on investment. Plus, buyers will like the idea that the home has brand new siding – it means one less big job they’ll have to worry about when they move in!

If you have dirty siding, you can attempt to wash it. However, use caution when washing vinyl siding with a pressure washer or even a garden hose. Because vinyl siding is not secure along the entire plank, it can move up and down on the wall. If you blast it with the hose, you run the risk of getting water beneath the siding. Then when the plank moves back into place, it can trap the water and cause mildew or even mould growth. If you want to wash it, consider hiring a handyman company that offers this service.

Take care of exterior maintenance and repairs

If your siding doesn’t need to be replaced, walk around your home and see how you can improve the exterior. Check the gutters and make sure they’re not damaged or coming away from the house. You should also inspect the trim around the windows and doors. A fresh coat of paint on the trim can do wonders in improving aesthetics at a small cost. Damaged porch railings, flashing and broken seals on window caulking should all be taken care of before listing the property.

If you are unable to do these tasks yourself, hire a local handyman service to help you out. For an affordable fee, a handyman can tackle multiple jobs in one day, saving you time and stress. When a buyer walks around your property, it will be evident that the owner has pride for their property and has invested time and effort to keep it well maintained.

Brush up on your landscaping

Before doing anything, make sure your yard is clean and tidy. Clean up kids’ toys, replace broken patio furniture and put all your lawn and garden equipment away in the shed or garage. You should also make sure that your lawn is mowed, trees and shrubs are pruned, and your garden beds are free of weeds. Pressure wash your walkways, patio and driveways so everything looks clean and well-maintained.

If you want to take things a step further, consider investing in new landscaping features for your front and backyard. Investing in landscape design will give your home a competitive edge on the market. The best landscapers  can create a simple landscape design that will best match your home and neighbourhood. Laying new sod, adding a garden bed, a few attractive shrubs and colourful flowers and a stone paver walkway will turn a so-so home into an attractive potential for buyers.

The best place to start preparing your curb appeal to sell your home is with a discussion with your real estate agent. They will be able to tell you what buyers are looking for and what turns them off. Then you can make smart decisions on where to invest your money on curb appeal improvements.


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