Agents Discuss Buying While Social Distancing

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Buying a home can be stressful under normal circumstances, let alone trying to navigate the buying process in the middle of a global pandemic. With the world being in a current state of uncertainty, and with the situation evolving and changing by the minute, it can be hard to know what the next step is in the buying process. The world of real estate never stops, with people always needing to be buying or selling for a host of time sensitive reasons, regardless of what else us going on.

We’ve reached out to our Pilon Real Estate Group Agents to get their expert insights and advice for buyers, as well as to share what our agents are doing to ensure your safety during the home buying process. According to our panel of Pilon Group Members, the following measures are being taken by our agents to help buyers.

Stay Home

One of the main tips that the Pilon Group members had for buyers at this time is to stay home. They stress that the most important thing at the moment is for buyers to stay safe and healthy, and to put the health of both themselves and their families first. One tip was that if you are looking at properties online, mark them as favourites. The likelihood of those properties being available after this has all passed is high.

If you can hold off on buying a home until the situation surrounding COVID-19 is safer, take your time and do the right thing by staying home.. There is more than one perfect home so be patient, and once this has passed, we will help find you a great home, in the right neighbourhood that’s right for you.

Virtual Tours

The great thing about technology is that many buyers can now use virtual tours when searching for houses online. This is a great alternative to viewing a home in person! Some realtors are also offering personalized video walk-throughs via platforms like Facetime and Facebook Messenger.

Make sure you are working with an agent that will protect your health and safety first and foremost. Depending on your situation and if you need to buy right away, it may make sense to do virtual tours through Skype, Zoom or Facetime versus attending in person. Especially when in the early stages or just trying to narrow down your top options.

Social Distancing

If you don’t have to view houses in person, our Pilon Group Members recommend practicing social distancing and doing as much house hunting online as possible, utilizing virtual tours and photos. Take advantage of all of the great technology that is available to do as much viewing online as possible.

While many buyers are faced with uncertainty at this time, our Pilon Group Members want you to know that they are here for you, and will do whatever they can to make the home buying and selling process as stress free as possible. We’re staying in contact with buyers and letting them know we are here to help, sending notes and calling them. Giving them hope that things will get better and keeping lines of communication open.

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