Add Value to Your Bathroom Renovations

3 reasons why Bathroom Renovations are worth the costs - Turn Key Renovations

If selling your home is in the future, home renovations can help you make it more marketable to buyers while increasing its resale value. For example, bathroom renovations will give you a decent return on investment. After the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most important rooms for home seekers.

Simple updates can go a long way. Even a fresh coat of paint and updating hardware like cabinet knobs, shower and towel racks can make a bathroom look better. Remember that while a good renovation can bring up the value of your home, a bad one can make it difficult to sell. It’s always important to invest a little in professional renovation and installation services if you are not confident with your DIY abilities.

Here are three things that will add value to your bathroom renovation:

Updating the shower and tub surround

The most noticeable and used component of the bathroom is the bathtub and shower. If you have dated tile or a stained acrylic tub surround, it might be time for an upgrade of that space. You do have a few options.

Shower conversion:  If you have another bathtub in the house, changing one of your bathtubs into a walk-in shower is a great way to add value to your bathroom renovation. Shower conversions are trending right now. People like the idea of a beautifully tiled shower that is totally accessible. Just make sure you leave at least one bathtub in the house, or it could make your house unattractive to those who love a good soak.

New tile around the bathtub and shower:  New shiny tile can really modernize an older bathroom. Choose a calming, neutral tile to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. A little online research should give you plenty of inspiration. You can leave the tub if it’s in good shape, or you can consider having your bathtub refinished or replaced.

Bathtub liner:  Bathtub liners, also known as bath fitters, are trending right now in bath remodels. This is basically putting a new tub and surround over top of the existing one. It’s cost-effective, as you don’t have to pay for demolition and removal of the old tub. Bath fitters will not work for every type of bathtub. This is something a renovation contractor can help you with.

Choosing the right lighting

Lighting plays a major role in the look and atmosphere of the bathroom, as well as the function of the space. You need lighting that can set a peaceful mood when it’s time for a relaxing soak. You also need task lighting around the vanity mirror for getting ready in the morning.

Recessed lighting, or pot lights, are commonly used in the bathroom. Electricians can install waterproof pot lights in your shower as well as regular pot lights for either ambient or task lighting. Alternatively, you can install a stylish new fixture above the mirror for the task lighting.

Electrical work is something you should leave for professional and certified electricians. You can learn how to install pot lights and other fixtures, but if it’s not done properly, you could create a fire hazard in the home. Choose your favourite types of lighting and fixtures, and then find a reputable electrician to install them for you.

Installing eco-friendly faucets and fixtures

Water conservation and energy efficiency is becoming more important to homeowners. Not only is environmental stewardship top-of-mind, everyone wants to save money on their utility bills! If you are replacing your fixtures, consider purchasing energy efficient models.

A low-flow toilet uses a fraction of the water per flush compared to a conventional toilet. Also, low flow taps and shower heads use far less water. They are comparable price wise, will not diminish water pressure and can make a big difference on the amount of water used in the average household. You’ll appreciate the water savings and when it comes time to sell, these eco-friendly fixtures will give your house a competitive edge.

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