Why Windows Matter When Renovating the Exterior Home

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Roofing, siding, windows and doors are all the first defense against wind, rain, snow and sleet. If your home’s exterior is suffering from wear and tear, or if it’s noticeably damaged, you should consider an exterior upgrade.

Exterior renovations, including a window replacement, will help protect your home.

If we didn’t need windows, homes would have fewer issues with moisture, water damage and energy loss. Windows can cause a lot of problems, but they are critical to our homes. Homeowners that are embarking on exterior renovations should inspect their windows. Is it time for a replacement?

Window companies will tell you that a window replacement will play a major role in protecting your home. Damaged, warped and worn out windows will not shield your home properly from the harmful elements. They can lead to leaks, water damage and even mould and mildew growth which can be damaging to your health. Older, damaged windows will also decrease your home’s energy efficiency.

Exteriors renovations can improve thermal performance, especially new windows.

Think of your exterior like a quality jacket. When in good shape and zipped up tight, it can help keep you warm and dry in bad weather. Likewise, a rip or tear can give you a chill. If your siding is coming off, shingles are peeling or the windows are leaking, it will no longer keep the heat in – or the cool air in the summer, for that matter. That means you’ll pay heavily for wasted energy and increase your carbon footprint too.

Your windows are responsible for most of the energy loss in your home. In the winter, heat will find the easiest path outside and that’s right through your windowpanes. In the summer, that hot sun will heat up any space, especially with south facing windows.

New energy efficient windows can provide good protection in all seasons. Triple pane windows with proper insulating spaces and argon gas between each pane will help you manage your home comfort. Special glazing can help reflect the sun and its UV back outside. It will also push warm air back inside during the winter. This reduces strain on your heating and cooling system and put more money in your pocket.

Your home will look better, and curb appeal matters. 

How your home looks from the street matters! A run-down exterior can become an eyesore for the entire neighbourhood, never mind how you’ll feel about it. Not only will it fail to protect your home from the weather, its shabby appearance will diminish your property value and its marketability.

Any realtor will tell you that good curb appeal is the first step to selling a home. How your home looks on the outside is usually the first things buyers notice when looking at listings online. Anyone that comes to view your home will get an immediate first impression. If it looks run down, they’ll assume that regular home maintenance wasn’t a priority to the owner. This is a huge turn off for buyers. When it comes to selling your home in a competitive market, first impressions count.

Plus, coming home to a house that so obviously needs repairs can be stressful. Clearing these must-do items off your list will give you peace of mind knowing your home is protected. That means your real estate investment is protected too and you can come home to a home you love looking at.

Add value to your property. 

New windows, for example, have a 73.4% return on investment according to a recent report. If you invest $16,000 on new, energy efficient vinyl windows for your entire home, you can add $12,300 to its value. Combine that addition to improved curb appeal and the money you’ll save on energy, and you’ll see that this exterior renovation is worth the cost.

Home improvements can add value to your property and exterior renovations have some of the best returns on investment. Spend some money today to improve your home and add monetary value to your property. That value, combined with improved curb appeal, will make resale easier and more profitable.

Other exterior renovations with good ROI, according to the same report, include:

  • A garage door replacement: recovering 97.5% of its cost at resale.
  • Manufactured stone veneer installation: recouping 94.9% of its cost at resale.
  • A wood deck addition: adding 75.6% of its construction cost to the value of your home.
  • New vinyl siding: recovering 74.9% of its cost at resale
  • A new steel entry door: also recouping 74.9% of its cost in added property value.

Where can homeowners start?

If you’re considering an exterior renovation, you should start with the items that need replacing the most. Any component of your exterior that is letting in water needs to be fixed immediately and should take priority. That means your inefficient but sealed windows can wait until the leaky roof is repaired. Water and moisture can do extensive damage to your home, so tackle those problems first.

Then prioritize according to what is most important to you: curb appeal, energy efficiency or a return on your exterior renovation investment.

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