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As cities get bigger and homes get smaller, many of us are left searching for creative ways to get the most out of a small space – especially now that we’re spending so much time indoors and need the extra elbow room. The rise of minimalism has helped us reduce the amount of stuff we own, but we all still need stuff to survive.

The struggle is real when it comes to finding ways to maximize storage, stay organized, and still have a cute and clutter-free home. Here are our four favorite ways to give yourself more space while making your home look beautiful.

Furniture for Small Space Living

Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you have to forgo the comforts of a big home. If you love lounging on an overstuffed sofa or kicking back in a cushy recliner, fear not. Furniture makers have noticed the shift to compact living and have responded accordingly. You can now get condo-size couches and recliners that are both beautiful and comfortable. Tip: Seating that reclines or has a fold-out footrest will save space and still allow you to lounge comfortably.

If you find you never have enough places to put food and drinks when friends are over, invest in some nesting tables. They tuck neatly inside each other to reduce space when not in use but can easily be moved around the house to provide extra surfaces when company is over.

Unexpected Storage Options

One of the greatest inventions for small space living is furniture that works double duty. Whether it’s a sofa with hidden blanket storage, a coffee table with drawers for remotes, or a bed that doubles as a dresser, pieces that offer extra storage will make your small space seem bigger.

The storage ottoman is a must-have for anyone looking for stylish and convenient small-space storage. They make a great place to stash almost anything and can also provide extra seating or double as a coffee table. Put one in the hallway to store outdoor gear and give you a place to sit when you put on your shoes. Or, tuck a pair of ottomans under the coffee table. You’ll get extra hidden seating and a place to keep books, games or charging cables out of sight.

Ambiance Through Lighting

Just because your home is lacking floor space doesn’t mean you don’t have room for great ambiance. Good lighting can completely transform a home, no matter what size it is. Look to the walls and ceiling to help fill your home with light. Instead of lamps which can take up valuable space, opt for stylish wall sconces that give you light right where you need it.

Do you dream of spending cozy nights curled up by the fire, but don’t have room for a fireplace? Look for an electric fireplace with a wall-mount option to gain the atmosphere without losing any floor space. You can also tuck speakers up in the corners of the room for awesome surround-sound to help set the mood.

Storage Containers as Decor

Save the clear plastic bins for the pantry and take advantage of all the beautiful storage and organization options available. Large floor baskets are hot decor items right now. These oversized storage vessels come in a variety of natural hues and are a great way to add texture to a room. And they make a perfect place to stash blankets and pillows to keep your living room both tidy and cozy.

Take your shelves to the next level with stylish storage baskets that help you corral clutter while looking like decor. You’ll find that baskets aren’t just made from wicker anymore. You can now get gorgeous options made from everything from canvas to wool to velvet. They come in so many pretty colors and patterns that you’ll want to bring them all home. With lids or without, these pretty baskets are a great way to camouflage everyday things. Use them to hide charging cables, receipts, remotes and toys while keeping your shelfie game on point.

Just because you lack space doesn’t mean you can’t have style! Use these small space design ideas to increase your storage while making your home look beautiful.

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