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Spring is often touted as being the best season for selling real estate, with the market warming up along with the temperature. And, though we’re still in the grips of winter, it’s never too early to start thinking about how to go about selling your home.  

The more time you give yourself, the more prepared you will be, and the less likely you are to fall into the most common seller’s pitfalls. We’ve come up with 7 simple steps that will keep you one step ahead this spring, and help you sell your home.

Finish Those Maintenance Tasks

Every home has one or two tasks that keep being delayed, but now is the time to fix them up. Colder weather and shorter days will likely see you in your home more often, so you might as well be productive! Write up a list of tasks that need to be completed, and slowly work your way through them.

Preempt the buyer’s home inspection, by taking care of anything from cracked tiles and sticking doors, to larger issues, such as redecorating and fixing up the HVAC system. Try to have your home in top condition before you sell, so that buyers won’t need to worry about making repairs as soon as they move in.

Store Your Clutter Away

Decluttering is an essential part of selling a home, though it can be a difficult task. Therefore, give yourself plenty of time to gradually reduce the amount of stuff you have in your home. Now is also the time to start depersonalizing your home, so box-up those family photos and other personal touches. When buyers eventually view your home, they’ll want to imagine their life in your home, and nothing shatters that illusion quicker than seeing someone else’s family portraits all over the place.

If you don’t want to throw everything out, consider renting a storage space. It’s better to take these things out of your home altogether, rather than hiding them elsewhere, as buyers are likely to take a look through wardrobes, cupboards, and other storage areas such as the attic. The less crowded these look, the more appealing they will be.

Start Spring-Cleaning

With the clutter out and the repair work finished, it’s a good time to give your home a deep clean. Even if you don’t plan to sell immediately, a good spring-clean is essential. It’s far easier to keep a clean house tidy over the following months. If you give yourself enough time, you can break this task down and tackle a different room each weekend. Just be sure to cover everything from cleaning the windows to scrubbing away mold or mildew.

Fix Up the Yard and Exterior

Curb appeal is extremely important when selling a home, so once the weather becomes more tolerable, it’s good to start taking care of the yard and exterior. Give everything a good tidy up, remove any clutter or unattractive items (moldy old furniture for example), and start adding in nicer touches. You might even consider landscaping your yard to make it even more appealing. Finally, touch up on outdoor maintenance tasks, such as repainting the exterior of your home, or replacing the front door.

Take Care of Pest Control

After all that work, you might have disturbed some slumbering pests, so now is a good time to call pest control and have a thorough inspection. Hopefully you’ll avoid major infestations, though if not, it’s best to tackle them sooner rather than later. The more time you give yourself, the more you can be certain a problem has been taken care of.

Educate Yourself

With your house looking great and ready to go, it’s good to study exactly what is involved in selling a home. Go through each phase step-by-step in order to know what to expect and what pitfalls to avoid. It’s worth brushing up on local legislation, as well as knowing what you’re expected to disclose when selling your home. Even if you’re hiring an agent, get to grips with the local market, and work out the exact steps involved when selling a house.

Contact Real Estate Agents

As spring looms on the horizon, it’s a good time to start reaching out to real estate agents. Speak to at least 3 that come recommended, either from friends or family, or online reviews. Have them appraise your home, and chat about how they’d go about marketing and selling it. Also, discuss their fee and exactly what it includes. Don’t just make your choice based on the lowest fee, but also ensure you feel comfortable working with them

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