DIY Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

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Upon becoming a homeowner, you become free to do what you want with your space. All of a sudden, a thousand projects can pop up as you begin to put your mark on your new home. While it’s important to hire the pros in order to get more complex jobs done safely, there are plenty of things you can do by yourself, regardless of any prior DIY experience.

We’ve selected 7 home improvement projects that will transform your space and fix up possible issues. The best part is that anyone with an interest in becoming more handy about the house can do them.

Carry Out a Paint Job

You can alter the entire aesthetic of a room with just a few brush strokes, and create striking feature walls while you’re at it. For a proper paint job, you can expect to spend around 80% of the time prepping and clearing up, and just 20% actually painting! Select high quality, durable paint, invest in a selection of roller and brush sizes and be sure that you follow best practices.

Some walls will need a layer of primer first, while others can just be painted straight on. When prepping, use a filler to fill any cracks or holes, and sand them down smooth. Don’t forget to lay dust sheets to prevent paint splashes on furniture or floors, and use masking tape to maintain clean lines if needed, as well as to cover light switches or power outlets. The best practice is to use a brush to do the edges first (known as cutting in), then carefully roll the bulk of the wall or ceiling. Be sure to let each layer dry completely before applying the second and third coats.

Hang New Shelves

Adding shelves to any room provides you with additional storage space, and can alter how your rooms function. With the right tools, it’s fairly easy to do, though it’s important you understand what your wall is made of before proceeding. Drywall, for example, will typically require you to either find a stud to fix your brackets to, or to use special drywall anchors. On the other hand, masonry walls will require you to use a more heavy-duty drill in order to drill the holes for the brackets to fix to. A level will ensure you keep things straight, and it’s always best to mark everything out before you start drilling.

Door Surgery

Over the years, the doors in a house can develop all manner of problems – they might stick, or not close properly at all. The cause of these problems can vary from humidity issues and swelling or too many layers of paint to dislodged hardware. A plane can help trim your door down to the right size, while simply replacing the hinges or latch can help to get it closed again. Be aware, however, that a sticking door can point to a larger problem, especially if the frame is no longer square, and it may be best to consult a professional.

Lay Carpeting

Whether you want to soundproof your floors or create a softer landing for toppling toddlers, laying carpeting is another great way to transform a room. Often, it’s a rather straight-forward process, involving measuring, marking, cutting to size, and finally sticking it down. The hardest part is moving everything out of the room and putting it back!

Replace Door Hardware

From cabinet pulls to the knocker on your front door, replacing door hardware throughout your home is a quick and easy way to put your stamp on your new home, provided you have all the right tools. Often, such hardware simply unscrews and can be replaced by screwing a replacement back into place.

Caulk Bathroom Fixtures

Replacing old, dried up or moldy caulk with a fresh new layer can make your bathroom fixtures shine, as well as prevent water from getting where it shouldn’t. If you’ve never tried caulking before, you may be a little wary, but it’s easier than it seems. Start by peeling out the old caulk, then use a caulk gun to run a bead to cover the gap. If it’s not entirely straight, you can wet your finger and run the excess off, in order to create a more uniform bead.

If you have some free time, and all the right tools, you can take up a few DIY home projects that will change things around a bit. Whether you want to repair a broken window or simply add a splash of color to a room, these projects will only take up a few hours.

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