What You Should Know About Moving To Another City

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You’ve made the decision to make the big move to a new city. Whether you have moved before, changing cities adds another layer to moving that you will need to prepare for. We’ve gathered a few tips to help your move go smoothly.

Decide on Housing Before You Go

Depending on the purpose of your move, you’ll need to decide whether to rent an apartment or buy a house. If moving for a new job, it may be best to wait until you are past the probation period. If there’s more tying you to the city that you know you’ll be there for years to come, you can decide whether buying or renting is better for you

Next, if time and money allow for it, it would be ideal to visit the area you’ll be moving to. If you’re moving from a small town or suburb into a city like Ottawa, use a few days of vacation to go away for the weekend to prepare. Be sure to check out your future neighbourhood so you can walk the streets, get a feel for the culture, and start to imagine how your new life will look. This will reduce some of your stress during the first week of moving, having already discovered where the nearest grocery store and coffee shop is.

When it’s time to start packing for the move, keep all your everyday essentials in a separate box or bag. This includes things like a roll of toilet paper, a couple changes of clothes, a few kitchen items, and anything else you use regularly. It’ll be a few days, if not weeks, before you’re able to unpack your clothes, kitchenware, and bathroom items, so keeping a few things ready to go will help make the first few days go smoother.

Once You’re There

Unpack your bedding first. Like previously mentioned, it will be a while before you’re able to fully unpack. Having your bed ready the first night you’re there will at least guarantee you’ll sleep well that night.

On a more social note, be open to saying yes. Having left your old city and life behind, things can quickly feel a little too quiet for comfort. Find ways to be with others, like joining a league or volunteering to make some acquaintances.

Other Tips

  1. Keep your receipts. Depending on a few factors, you may be able to claim your move on your next tax return.
  2. Register your car. You’ll need to update your driver’s license and registration.
  3. Read reviews on nearby professionals. You’ll want to find a new doctor, dentist, and hairstylist to make sure you’re fully integrated into your new routine.

With these few simple tricks plus some preparation of your own, moving to a new city won’t seem as daunting. Good luck!


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