Depersonalizing Your Home

Depersonalizing Your Home

Selling your home in today’s market requires thoughtful planning and expertise.

Depersonalizing is an important step when it comes to selling your home. It means that you have to let go emotionally and this can be a tough process. You have made the active decision that you want to move so now you need to commit to that and remove your identity from the house. You need to turn your home into a model home.

We all know our home is a reflection of us by the way we have it decorated- the artwork we have selected as well as the colours throughout. This can be a big distraction to the buyer as they would find it difficult visualizing themselves living in the house.

Disconnecting yourself from the house will allow the buyer to emotionally connect and envision themselves living there. Not feeling like they are just a guest in your home.

When it comes to family photos, you need to remove them all since this emotionally connects you to the house. Yes, we are all thrilled with our accomplishments but these need to be packed up and stored until you move into your new home. It’s all about getting the buyer to connect with the house and having them imagine hanging up and placing their special items.

Do you have potentially offensive belongings in your home? You do not want to lose even one potential buyer. Make sure to remove any items that could be potentially disagreeable and pre-pack them. Buyers want to make an offer on a house that they can have a positive emotional connection with.

Depersonalizing and disconnecting emotionally from your house will help to sell it faster and for more money.


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