Ways Coronavirus Might Change Home Design In The Future

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After weeks of sheltering in place, many people are reassessing how they use their homes. Our priorities are shifting from “keeping up with the Joneses” to functional spaces that promote health and happiness.

Even though we’re still in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, it’s never too early to start looking at how we will move forward. Many things from how we work to where we exercise could all be different after we recover from the virus. Here are five ways in which the pandemic might alter home design in the future.

Spaces that Put Hygiene First

Not surprisingly, one of the changes we’re likely to see is a strong focus on health and hygiene in the home. Design that puts an emphasis on stopping the spread of germs will become a priority as we learn from this experience.

Entries and foyers that include wash stations and completely close off from the rest of the house could become standard features. Demand for this type of set up will grow as disinfecting before entering a home becomes part of our daily routine.

We may also see a shift to homes that offer practical solutions for physical distancing. Such as furniture layouts that place pieces further apart so we can safely visit with friends and family. Rooms that can be closed off from the rest of the house in case of quarantine are also something to consider.

Home Offices Will Be in High Demand

After working at home for an extended period of time, many people are discovering they can do their jobs just as well from home. And with the high cost of commercial space, it’s possible companies may decide that large offices are no longer that necessary. As a result, there could be a dramatic increase in working from home even after the pandemic ends.

But without a home office, working at home can be significantly more challenging. Chances are, designated home workspaces will be a highly requested feature going forward.

Flexible Living Spaces

When your home has to serve as a school, gym, office, and park, you need flexible living solutions. Especially if you’re one of the many urban dwellers who reside in a small space.

Furniture that folds away to make room for activities such as exercise or meditation could be in high demand. This may also hold true for pieces that make it easy to transition between work and home. Space-saving solutions like dining tables with drawers to hold office equipment could become standard in many homes.

Incorporating Technology in the Home

Meetings, big events, and even visits with family are all happening via video conference these days. But many of our homes lack a good spot to accommodate these virtual meetings. A space with good sound and light that is separate from the main living area is already something many people are considering.

Automatic features that allow you to live hands-free will also continue to rise in popularity. Fixtures we normally see in public spaces such as motion sensor sinks and air hand-dryers may start to appear in residences. Voice-activated amenities that help stop the transfer of germs by eliminating common touch points may also become standard features. Look for items such as lights, temperature control, and window coverings to be hands-free in the future.

Creating A Connection to the Outdoors

Research shows that our physical and mental well-being relies on getting outdoors to enjoy fresh air and sunshine. But now that we’re spending so much time at home, many of us are lacking a connection with nature. With some homes not having any outdoor space, incorporating natural elements is more important than ever.

Future home updates may start to include large windows and skylights that allow more natural light in the home. Sunrooms and walls that open up will also see an increase in demand. These changes will make it possible to have more plants in the home, which is one of the best ways to bring nature indoors.

Major life events almost always spark change. This pandemic has given us a lot of time at home to consider how we live our lives. Hopefully, the resulting changes will have a positive effect on the areas that matter most. 

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