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DIY Cloth Face Masks at Home

As the global population continues to band together, we’ve been asked to refrain from stocking up on medical-grade face masks due to shortages for health workers on the front lines. Instead, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that simple homemade cloth face coverings will help slow the spread of germs. Luckily, they are a whole […]

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Why Buy Land?

Cash flow is great, but the land beneath an investment property will always be more valuable than whatever sits on top of it. So, why not start there? Real estate: smart investment strategy or outdated portfolio piece? This question has been on my mind because even though buying a house and renting it out can create cash […]

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The Unmarried Couple’s Guide to Buying a House Together

So you’ve decided to purchase your first home with your significant other. But wait—you and your partner haven’t tied the knot. Instead, you’re cohabitating, perhaps as common-law spouses. What kinds of challenges are likely to arise when buying property with someone to whom you’re not married? And what happens if (heaven forbid) you split up after you’ve bought […]

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