List of To-Do’s After You’ve Bought A House

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You’ve found your next home, signed the papers, and soon you’ll be taking possession. At this stage, most buyers are focusing on the next obvious step- moving in. Naturally, moving is going stressful from getting boxes, to packing, arranging vehicles, unpacking, and the list goes on. But crossing the following 5 tasks off your to-do list before you move in will help make your new home a lot more welcoming.

1. Do a deep clean

Though the previous owners may have left your new home looking great, most buyers still feel more comfortable knowing they’ve given it a thorough scrub down from wall to wall. Take advantage of this opportunity as soon as you get your keys. Focus first on areas where you’ll soon be unpacking the essentials, like kitchen cupboards, and bathroom cabinets, or where you’ll be stacking boxes of the non-essentials, like basements and spare rooms. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can get an empty abode into ship-shape!

2. Eliminate pests

In most cases, a home inspection should tell you whether the house has pest problems, but your deep-cleaning efforts might reveal a few ‘inclusions’ you didn’t bargain for. Keep an eye out for evidence of possible infestations: carpenter ants might leave what looks like sawdust around exposed wood and trim, bedbugs may hide behind loose wallpaper or electric outlet covers, and mice will often leave droppings in cupboards and basements. Getting rid of unwelcome visitors is much easier when the house is still empty, and it could prevent your possessions from becoming compromised.

3. Get painting

Now that your new home is spick-and-span and you’re certain that it’s pest-free, it’s time to break out the rollers and brushes! Any painting or wallpapering – not to mention any quick renos – will be a breeze to complete before your things arrive, and you’ll feel right at home unpacking in rooms that already reflect your style.

4. Change the locks

Regardless of who the previous owners were, it’s wise to change the locks and garage door codes as soon as you take possession of the home. Most of us create duplicate house keys for our kids, relatives, sitters, and so on, and most of us don’t take great pains to corral them in when it’s time to sell. Instead of leaving anything to chance, take this simple step and rest easy knowing exactly who has access to your home.

5. Transfer your utilities and update your address

You don’t want to spend the first night in the new house without Wi-Fi or Netflix! Best to schedule these easy changes before moving in. In addition to transferring your utilities (or setting up your accounts for the first time, as the case may be), make a list of all the companies and organizations that require your current address – like banks and credit card companies – and note which of your government-issued ID will need to be updated. Crossing these changes off your list will give you a great opportunity to remember your new postal code.

They say that preparation is the key to success; this is definitely true when you take possession of the new place. By accomplishing these big jobs before the tumult of moving day, your homecoming will be much sweeter!

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