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Is Now the Right Time to Buy an Investment Property?

Historically low interest rates coupled with highly active markets might have you wondering whether now is the right time to purchase an investment property. Canada’s housing markets have shattered records since the early summer, posting a 45.6% year-over-year increase in sales activity during September, according to the latest data from the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). During the […]

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Tips for Real Estate Investors

In today’s business world, investing has gone beyond traditional assets, such as stocks and mutual funds. The real estate industry presents excellent investment options and a chance to expand your portfolio. It is an attractive means of creating extra revenue for your retirement; however, the path to success is filled with challenges, especially for first-time […]

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A Tale of Two Investments

Once upon a time, in a neighborhood not so far away, there lived two investors who made different choices. Who fared better? You be the judge. We will be weighing two different real estate investments under the same scale. Let’s call it the “return on investment” scale. It focuses on how much profit one’s invested […]

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Tips for Novice Investors

While investing in real estate is very lucrative, any novice investor is destined to face some pitfalls along the way. Rental properties can provide investors with the constant cash flow that they need to succeed as a distinguished investor. However, without the proper guidance and know-how, aspiring investors can make several mistakes that may cause […]

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