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    How To Sell Your Home Without An Agent

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    The real estate transaction is most people’s largest business transaction they will ever make, and because of this, it accompanies many responsibilities that you must ask yourself if you are ready to take on. These are just a few:       
    • Are you prepared to take on all the legal paperwork and liabilities involved in completing your own real estate transaction?
    • Which statistical data do you have on hand to price your home right so the market does not reject it?
    • What marketing material will you be utilizing to send to the relevant target market?
    • Are you available to receive calls from Realtors and Buyers throughout all hours of the day?
    • Are you available to show your home at all hours of the day?
    • How many Sundays will you spend holding “Open Houses” and how do you intend to generate an offer from those events?

    Are you really saving money by going at it alone?

    There are reasons why 85% of For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s) switch to a professional Realtor, 8% either remove their homes off the market or end up paying the 2.5% to a Buyer’s Agent, and only 7% sell their homes privately, whether for market value or less.

    Here’s what to expect when trying to sell on your own: 
    • You will have to dedicate all your time to make yourself available for phone calls you will receive and showing requests at any time of the day.
    • You will receive many compliments and positive feedback on your home and decor from buyers and you wonder why they are not placing an offer.
    • “Investor” Buyers, who constantly shop the FSBO market for “deals”, will only give you verbal offers, and will take the 5% you are trying to save right off the top, before they even start negotiating the final price.
    • You may receive offers on paper from Buyers without agents that will eventually fall through since the Realtor’s job is to qualify the Buyer prior to them placing an offer. Your home comes back on the market and people start wondering why it fell through.

    95% of Buyers work with a Realtor since it is a free service. You will need to offer to pay at least 2.5% commission to Realtors representing Buyers in order to have access to that market.

    The big question you must ask yourself…

    Is trying to save an additional 2.5% from your bottom line worth going at it alone considering:
    • Fees you’ll have already paid the FSBO company to be listed on their website
    • Your time and energy that you’ll be spending trying to sell your home
    • The legal risks and liabilities involved before and after the transaction

    Homes sold by owners are typically sold for less than if they were properly marketed, negotiated and sold by a skilled Real Estate professional. With the right Realtor, the home owner will net more than if they sold on their own.
    You’ve probably seen a home in your neighborhood marked “Sold by Owner” 

    You’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:
    • How much did the home truly sell for and which reliable source can I retrieve the data from?
    • How much commission did they negotiate with the Buyer’s agent? Was it 2.5% or more?
    • How long was it on the market before it sold and were they desperate to sell?

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