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    Client Testimonials

    "After 30 years of living at the same address we had decided this summer that it was time to downsize and make a move.  Our neighbors had just recently sold their house and they recommended we contact Jason Pilon as we really had no idea how to start the process.
    We had already identified a condominium that interested us so we tasked Jason's organization with two objectives: a)selling our house within a reasonable time and for an acceptable price,  b helping facilitate the purchase of the condo.
    From our first interview with Jason it was evident that he and his team were excited about and committed to the goals we had established.  Within a matter of days we had met with agent assigned to our sale and the other agent assigned to help with our purchase.  A company was tasked with helping us stage our property, photos/video's were shot and a full scale marketing campaign was initiated.  Throughout the process the agents were very helpful,supportive and understanding of our sense of being in  "uncharted territory"  for having been out of the real estate market for over thirty years.
    Our first "Open House" was scheduled for Labor Day weekend, not traditionally a time that is most opportune for attracting a large number of interested buyers given it is the end of summer and people are preoccupied with other interests like school starting etc.  However, again given the effectiveness of the marketing campaign, a significant number of interested parties did show up.  Over the next week or so a number of private showings were also scheduled and from those a buyer surfaced and the house was sold in just under 12 days. Throughout the process our agent maintained almost daily contact, advised us on pricing and was actively involved in the final negotiations with the prospective buyer resulting in a realistic sale price which was amenable to both ourselves and the buyer.  
    Meanwhile, the agent who was tasked with handling our purchase of the condo arranged a number of viewings and once we made our final decision worked closely with us in constructing our offers and counter-offers until, again, a price acceptable to both parties was determined.
    Once the purchase/sale were finalized the agency continued to make regular contact to ensure that we were comfortable and confident moving forward.  They provided referrals for a number of the services we would be needing (e.g. installing new flooring in the condo prior to the move, arranging the home inspection of the condo, identifying prospective moving companies, lawyers etc.)  We are now just a few days away from moving into our new condo and the agency is still touching base with us to see if we have any further questions and to ensure that things are rolling out as planned.
    In summary, moving after 30 years in the same house is by definition a stressful experience.  However there is no question that Jason Pilon and the team of agents that were assigned to our project went the extra mile to not only bring about a successful sale and subsequent purchase but yes, to "hold our hand" through the whole process. We were very impressed and reassured by the fact that Jason's staff took their role as "advocates for the client" very seriously.  I have already had conversations with a number of my neighbors who are also considering downsizing in the future and I have had no hesitation in recommending, with complete confidence, that, when ready, they start the process by talking to Jason Pilon.”
    Jason, Steve, Lauren, Carolyn & Tara, our thanks to all of you.
    Al & Madeleine Warden

    “Selling our beautiful house was one of the most difficult things we had to do especially within a very short time frame. In retrospective, I couldn't think of anyone versatile as Jason who could have done this for us. Our house was quite a challenge given the amount of upgrades, the price and the location, but as a good realtor Jason rose to the challenge.
    He was always available to answer to our question, advise us, kept in touch via phone, text and always updated us whenever anything new came up. There wasn't a time he made us feel we were disturbing him. Never failed to answer any questions we had despite being at a match with his kids or on holidays with his family. We never had such a dedicated and good service. As new sellers, we have learned a lot in the process and we are very thankful for his patience and professional service. He brings a sense of novelty in this business that is very unique and have a very dynamic team that work in synchronization with him. The drone, video and pictures were spot on. These are important details that bring out the beauty and value of your house.
    I couldn't stress enough that Jason knows his business and he is good at it. You got to trust him and let him do his work!
    I will absolutely recommend him.”
    Divya & Yannick

    “Jason Pilon has been an incredible help to my family to help us sell and move into our new house. He was always available to answer our questions and gave us knowledgable and helpful advice. I am absolutely going to recommend Jason and his team to my friends and family. We truly appreciate his guidance and determination to help us find our 'new' home. Thank you so very much!”
    The Lebelles

    “We, like many others, want to attest to the very personal and professional approach that Jason and his team bring to their clients. In all ways, he and they, epitomize a standard in the real estate industry that we have never experienced in four previous sales. He and they represent your interests and achieve outstanding results to which we can attest.
    Why would you even consider or use anyone other than the Pilon Group for your real estate needs?”
    The Archers

    “We are so grateful to Jason Pilon and the entire Pilon Real Estate Group for helping us purchase our forever home.
    We initially met with Jason who listened to our long list of wants and “deal breakers”. In our desired price range, Jason was honest that we may have to compete for good properties but promised he would help find us the perfect home….and he did!! We looked at several homes with both Jason & Lauren…yes they were both often there with us giving us feedback which was amazing.
    As a first time home buyer myself, I would get a bit excited about well..almost every house. Jason made sure to point out certain things that may bother us over time and also reminded us of our own list of “deal breakers”. He told us to be patient and reassured us that the perfect house would come up. When it did, we were ready. Having already seen several homes with Jason and Lauren, we knew just by looking at the pictures that this house was the house for us. We called Jason and 1 hour later we were visiting the home. I think we all felt the excitement as soon as we walked in. We knew then and there that this was our home. Five other showings were scheduled on the property that day but Jason got to work and made sure we didn’t lose this place. Our offer was drawn up, presented and accepted by 4pm that same day… as other potential buyers were still touring the property. Jason’s strategy definitely paid off!!
    Thank you to Jason and Lauren for your guidance and patience, to Sab for the lovely email congratulating us on our new home and to Tracy for sending us a congratulation card with awesome GC’s. This truly was a team effort and we are so happy we chose Pilon Real Estate Group for our home purchase.”
    Brigitte & Sean Rutherford

    “This is the second time I've had the pleasure of working with Jason on a real estate transaction. Previously he was responsible for the listing and selling of our home in Orleans, which went so smoothly (and took place in the blink of an eye almost) that, when it came time to buy a new condo this year, I immediately thought of Jason and would accept no others. As expected, Jason provided the utmost professionalism and guidance through this process, which can be a thorny one, as anyone who has bought property can attest. Everything went as smooth as silk and today I will be picking up the keys to my new home in Rockland. Finally, for those looking for an agent to assist them with a purchase or sale of a home in the greater Ottawa area, I can only say that you cannot make a better choice than Jason Pilon and his group of dedicated workers.”

    “My fiancé and I were living in Ottawa and had to make a quick relocation to Sydney, Australia for work. We hired Jason Pilon and his team to help us sell the property and it was a great decision. Without a doubt, our transaction required a lot more hand holding - we weren't there to maintain our property, manage tradesmen, sign paperwork in person, or even communicate in the same time zone. It made no difference. Jason handled everything as if we lived next door to him. He kept us informed, proactively handled every situation and managed expectations of potential buyers to give us lead time to sign papers. We highly recommend Jason and his team.”
    Sonya Tsui

    “A big huge thank you to Jason PIlon and his team for selling our home. Jason is extremely professional and the marketing and exposure of our home was incredible. The team is always in contact with updates, feedback and keep you posted on the market and homes in your area. I highly recommend Jason and his team for any buying or selling of your property. Thanks again! ‪#‎topnotch ‪#‎sold ‪#‎theirstagersaregreattoo ‪#‎thanksforthegifts
    Laura Lemon

    “I should first begin by sharing we are not new to moving. In my 23 years with RBC we moved many times in fact this recent purchase makes it our 9th home we’ve purchased over the last 23 years. 2 of them we built via a contractor.  During this time we’ve dealt with many realtors in 3 different provinces. Most of the experiences were good some even great. But sometimes because I work with RBC I could feel there was a bigger agenda. The better realtors have always made me feel they had my best interest in mind and it didn’t matter who I worked for.
    When I first met the Pilon group I felt I was working with a team not just one individual, our first meeting was to make sure I understood the landscape, Jason with the help of a detailed map showed us the pros and con of areas and the flow of the city. Quickly we were introduced to Carolyn Wagar who made us feel we were a priority. The very next day we were out to see a few homes we saw on the internet. Every time we saw a house you could tell Carolyn was quickly understanding our needs. I also appreciated she focused on both my wife and I equally. I would describe Carolyn as someone who is professional, patient, knowledgeable, genuine, timely in her response and someone who gave an opinion, wasn’t just a yes person. We debated a few times on changes to a living room and a kitchen, she had an opinion, I like that.
    Once we narrowed our search to 2 homes Carolyn helped us arrive at our final decision and I was impressed on her negotiation skills with the other realtor. I think we arrived a price fair for all parties but I always felt she was looking out after us not just getting the deal done. I’ve also been impressed by what’s happened after the sale. We had a few needs and ask and once again Carolyn was always very timely and exceed our expectation with some of the things she did for us. More than what a realtor is expected to do.  We felt as important after the sale as we did before.
    The Pilon group has a nice habit of sending e-mail with tips, heads up and shopping opportunities. I can honestly say we save money because of these e-mails. It made us look a little harder and we saved money.
    Overall my wife and I would rate our experience dealing with the Pilon group a 10 out of 10. We would recommend them to our family and friends. We felt supported, appreciated and we felt we were working with friends.”

    Mike Belliveau
    Regional Vice President, Eastern Ontario Region
    Royal Bank of Canada

    “Our experience with the Pilon Team, and particularly Jason Pilon, has been outstanding.
    The listing of the property with the presentation booklet, photos and video was very professional and inviting, so much that we told Jason that we would have bought this house if we weren’t selling it.
    We had a prompt response from prospective buyers and the property was sold within 2 weeks of signing the contract.  
    The contract and the course of action was made effortless.
    The following describe our involvement with the Pilon Group:  reliability, availability, thorough knowledge of the market in the area and being on top of the whole process from start to conclusion.
    We have no hesitation whatsoever in praising and recommending Pilon et al as top realtor.”
    Manon Lortie et Paul Brisson 

     “Luc and I would like to thank Jason and the support staff for their professionalism, efficiency and in keeping us informed throughout the selling process.  Our experience with the Jason Pilon Group was extremely gratifying and we will certainly be recommending your team to potential clients in the Ottawa east area.”
    I would also like to thank you for your gift. 
    Angie Gruhs and Luc Dicaire

    “We just saw that you were selected as the Service Business of the Year. We congratulate you and your team on this well-deserved honour. We would like to thank Jason and Jenn very much for helping us sell our condo in this very difficult market. This was our first experience selling a property, and we appreciate the knowledge and information that your team shared with us throughout the process. We are very private people, and we also appreciate that our privacy was respected.
    We will be pleased to recommend the services of the Pilon Group when the opportunity presents itself.”
    Orleans Sellers

    “I had quite a surprise when I got home today and found the lovely gifts on my living room table.  That was very thoughtful and very much appreciated.
    I also want to thank Jason and Jennifer for all that was done to sell my home in such an efficient and timely manner.
    So now I can start a new life in a different place.”
    Thank you again

    “We switched over to Pilon Real Estate Group after having tried to sell our home through a discounted real estate firm. Our house sold (firm) in 3 weeks!! In this market you need someone knowledgeable of your area and Jason Pilon and Jennifer Daigle are highly knowledgeable of the Ottawa/Orleans market. Our only regret in the end is that we didn't start off with Pilon. Thanks for the amazing service Jenn and Jason!”


    “Thanks to Lauren and Jason for not only getting our house sold quickly but working with my challenging schedule to make a purchase. You guys were great while keeping us informed all the way through the process. Thanks a million!”


    “Scott and I wanted to say thank you again to Jason and Jennifer for providing us with such great service, your whole team is fantastic!  Honestly, the both of you were so quick with your responses and the service you provided was amazing, it was very much appreciated.  We will both recommend your team to anyone we know who is thinking about selling.
    Also, thank you for the thoughtful gift!”
    Truly, thanks again!!!!
    Sandra & Scott

    “Selling and moving are never easy but the Pilon Group made it easy and effortless!
    Jason and his team were able to sell out house in a WEEK! It was such a relief for them to have found a buyer who was looking for what we were selling. Carolyn Wagar on the team answered countless questions on the buying of my new house, and walked me through each step. Her patience and helpfulness was much appreciated. Sab and Lori in the office were great, always keeping me up to date and checking in to see if I needed anything to ease the transition! I am already in the new house and loving it. Thanks to all!”


    “This is my 4th house I have sold in the Orleans area and the first time I have used The Jason Pilon Real Estate group. Jason and team I can't write enough good things about you and the team. My house was on the market for a few months and every week I had several touch points from the team, which truly makes a seller feel he has made a good choice. My calls, texts, emails and questions were always answered immediately or within the same business day. I was always given ample notice for showings which is important when you have small children. I would received a detailed write up from every showing and open house which is valuable to a seller to gage where they rank in the market place. The team would regularly visit me to discuss feed back and strategies to move forward. From Day one of signing on with the team I was introduced to their amazing staging team and they spent the better part of a day helping me prepare my house to be market ready. I was then offered their entire network of contractors for any changes or upgrades I wanted to make. I want to mention a special thank you to Jason Pilon, Amber Hurtubise, Lori Briard and Sab Taylor for being extremely attentive always professional and above all providing me with first class professional service. Amber, thank you for finding me my new home, you have been a true pleasure to work with and I will be recommending you and the team to everyone I know!! Thank you again and please feel free to use me as a reference at anytime.”

    Mark Burke
    “Jason was able to sell our house in 11 days in a tough market for 98.8% of asking price. Jason knows the area and the market and he’s one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to next generation tools for marketing and promoting your property. He was a calming presence during the whole process and we would not hesitate to work with him and his team again in the future.”

    The Lafontaine’s

    "The decision to sell our home was not easily reached. My husband and I both dreaded the thought of moving again - it had been less that 2 years since we moved into it. In addition to the emotional ups and downs of uprooting our lives once again, there were also the practical issues to consider. Fortunately for us we had purchased through the PilonGroup, and we qualified for the guarantee that if... we were not satisfied with our home for any reason, they would sell it for free! At the time of purchase we never imagined that we would take them up on the offer to sell it for free, but sometimes you need to do the unexpected, and we hadn’t had the house long enough to see much change in value. This program made it affordable for us to list the house without worrying too much about how the market was doing. Jason and his team made the selling process as smooth as possible for us, taking care of all the details so that we were getting showings right away! There were a lot of homes for sale in our area so we had a lot of competition, but that didn’t stop the Pilon team from working tirelessly on our behalf. The service they provided to us was top notch; it didn’t matter that they weren't earning a commission. I am happy to say that Jason’s sound guidance and expert negotiation skills brought us through the sale and on to to next part of the journey - finding a new home!
    Working with Amber has been a delightful experience! Her energy and her enthusiasm made it fun, yet her professionalism was always at the forefront, ready to draw our attention to things that we might have overlooked. Both Jason and Amber were always quick to respond to our questions or requests, often on very short notice. They kept in touch with us constantly so that we were always up to speed on new developments. We ran into a few snags along the way, which really showcased their problem solving skills and the value they placed on team work to come up with the best solution. The end result was finding the home we want and negotiating the best price for it. It is clear that Jason and Amber both enjoy their work, and it has been a great pleasure to work with them!"


    "Jason Pilon listed my home quickly and skillfully, while utilizing the latest marketing resources to showcase my condo across a broad spectrum.  Their focused approach and ‘extra’ touch points that they provide, definitely make the client feel like they are #1!" 

    Thanks again


    “I first met Jason Pilon in Sept 2008 after going through the preferred real estate agents for the military/RCMP. We sat down talked and I told him that my wife and I would be moving to Ottawa from Vancouver within 6 months. We discussed areas, price ranges and needs vs wants. I was very impressed with his professionalism, knowledge of the area and of the inventory within the area and he also gave me several tips and ideas on new houses and areas that are up and coming.  In February 2009 we came to Ottawa on a house hunting trip, Jason had set aside the whole 5 days for us. We looked at several places then Jason got a real feel for what we wanted. He made a quick phone call and we viewed a townhouse that wasn't on the market yet but he knew would be in a week or so. Needless to say we bought it that night it was what we wanted within our price range and where we wanted. The whole cross country moving experience was made very easy by Jason and to pull a rabbit out of his hat like that was great. So when we moved again there was no way we were going to use anyone else but Jason and his Team. We listed the house January 2013, had 10 showings, multiple offers, 4 offers in total and got 98.5% of asking in 7 days. So why not use JASON PILON!!!!!!!!”

     Stephen & Kelly

    “Like most, we were very skeptical about going with a full commission realtor after seeing all the ComFree and Grapevine signs, and Low-Commission realtors out there.  In fact, we decided to go with a low-commission realtor to save some money. After sitting on the market for over 1.5 months, getting very frustrated, and dropping in price multiple times, we decided to bite the bullet and go with Jason Pilon.  
    Well, in retrospect, I wish we had started there in the first place!  After a couple weeks and TONS of showings, we found ourselves in a multiple offer situation, and got FULL ASKING in a market that is clearly not doing well.  Jason Pilon’s team was amazing!  Right from day one, they were there to answer any questions we had, and help us each step of the way.Detailed explanations on whatever we needed, very friendly, approachable, patient, and accurate.  Our only regret is that we didn't start out with them in the First Place!”

    Thanks Guys!! 
    Stephen & Tracy 


    “Just want to say a huge thank you to Jason and his whole team for making it all so effortless. Not only did Jason find us our dream home but a few days later he sold our house before it was even listed. You guys are true gems!”

    Thank you!


    “A million thanks to Jason and his team for finding us a buyer before the house even hit the public MLS!

    We had listed with a discount broker for 45 days without an offer. Our house was beautiful, well maintained and well presented and offered at a price that everyone agreed was at or below market value. There was seemingly no logical explanation. We were at our wits' end. To his credit... , it was the discount broker who steered us to Jason Pilon when we all realised that the method was not working and there was nothing more he could do for us.

    From the first consultation with Jason, to the staging with Stage Your Space, the magnificent photos and videos by Jessie, and the constant feedback coordinated by Lori, and all the other behind the scenes web placement and marketing efforts on our behalf by team members we unfortunately did not get to meet, everything was handled with the utmost professionalism. The confidence demonstrated by Jason in particular was contagious, and it really lifted up our spirits and made us confident as well. That confidence was obviously well placed, as results have shown.”

    Thanks again to the whole team.
    Chris and Jamie


    “Thank you Jason Pilon for your professionalism and ongoing dedication for the sale of our home, we appreciated all of your efforts.”

    Lyne & Jeff

    “Big thanks to Jason for his professionalism. This is our first house and you and your staff were always there to assist us and also following up on us. It’s been 2 weeks since we moved in and we are having a blast. It was really great working with you!”

    Norman & Marissa

    "We were thinking of selling our house privately but after talking to Jason and seeing what he and his team had to offer, we decided to go with them.  He sold our house within a week and we got way more than we would have selling privately.  With two small children this took all the stress away. Jason and his team made the whole process easy and worry free.  They were always available no matter what the time was.  If we decide to move in the future we will be giving Jason Pilon a call." 


    “First and foremost Jason Pilon’s team is polite and pleasant group that makes doing business a pleasure in this day and age. Jason/Lori took the time to understand my needs and sensitivities during the sale of my home. I have bought and sold several homes and this team topped them all.  The team certainly understands that they work for you and coupled with the professional approach I would not hesitate to recommend this team to accommodate your real estate needs, now or in the future."


    “I want to thank Jason and his whole team for their excellent support through the sale of my home. Jason made the preparation and sale of my house a pleasant and rewarding experience. We had been thinking of selling for some time and once we contacted Jason’s team, they soon relieved our concerns and walked us step by step through the process. I feel that Jason is extremely loyal to his clients and is very knowledgeable in his field.  Comprehensive marketing tactics, coupled with their quick thinking strategic minds, make Jason and his team dynamic agents, which was exactly what we we're all looking for. I have recommended Jason’s team to my family and friends and will continue to do so." 

    Thank you, 
    Morgan and Etienne 


    "After unsuccessfully trying to sell on my own for 3 months I made a call to Jason Pilon. A team of warm, caring, very knowledgeable and efficient individuals is what I found. Within 24hrs of listing, and with multiple offers, Jason sold my home! I can't thank them enough for turning something so stressful into a very exciting and positive experience for us and for helping my daughter and I make our fresh start and create new memories. I continually recommend Jason and the rest of his team to anyone who asks!" 


    “Jason did a fantastic job selling our house after doing a great job negotiating a better price for the house we bought (he literally saved us thousands)!  We were a little nervous about selling it in the fall, but they put our minds at ease and continually assured us that we had nothing to worry about.  Sure enough, our house sold after only 1 week on the market! Thanks so much!”  

    Jonathan & Alysia

    “When I first met Jason Pilon I liked his professionalism, his knowledge and the fact that he didn't pressure me to sign on with him at that point.  
    Unfortunately, I made a mistake by choosing another agent because of the commission was slightly lower. Well I was totally wrong; this agent wasted two months of our time on the market, did not return calls, and did not follow up with showings, and most of all they did not list our home properly. It was absolutely horrible; these types of agents/businesses shouldn't even be allowed to have a license! 
    I then decided that's it, I am calling Jason Pilon for his help. I told him what had happened, with no hesitation he reassured me that it would be ok, and that the team would take good care of us. He came to our home, we signed and 1 week later my home was sold. Unbelievable! The team was incredible to deal with, their marketing was amazing and bang on, and they listened and understood our requirements, the office manager and the ladies whom I dealt with were so pleasant. I can go on and on about this team. Most of all Jason was always available and honest and that was very important to us.” 


    “We could not be more pleased with the experience we had selling our home with Jason Pilon’s team. From the initial meeting with them, the sale of our home took 1 week, amazing. We had 16+ showings in 5 days. If we buy or sell another home we will not hesitate to choose this team to work with us, they made a usually very stressful experience enjoyable. True professionals! Thank you!” 

    The Kelly’s

    “A big thank you to Jason Pilon and his team for all their hard work in the sale of our home. Through their expertise and professionalism, we had our house sold quicker than we ever could have imagined - and for full asking price!!! Jason and the entire team worked tirelessly and managed to turn a very stressful time into an enjoyable and exciting experience!! I STRONGLY recommend Jason Pilon and his team!!” 


    "Hi Jason, Last night Rhonda and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. As we were discussing the past year one of our major highlights was our new home. We absolutely love our Peppergrass. We are not the type of people who are attached or attracted by material things or possessions, however, with our new home we are VERY attached! In discussing our major highlight of the year we had to let you know just how impressed and appreciative of all that you did to make our home buying and home selling experience to be the best we have dealt with. We have mentioned numerous times to family/friends how professional and enjoyable our experience was with you. I know words can be fluffy or full of hot air, but J, we are truly thankful for all that you did for us. We felt as though we were your only clients and your main priority. That does not happen to often in the business world. We had complete trust and confidence in your services and without hesitation we have and will continue to recommend yourself. Thank you for restoring trust in the true way 'customer service' is meant to be. Full marks to you and your team. Please share with your team how thankful we are, and that they are a part of a team that truly understands what the client is all about. Keep up the great job and know that if you ever need a referral you can count on us. In joking, Rhonda and I mentioned that we would be willing to sell again in two months just to be able to work with you again. Not to worry...we'll stay put for awhile! Thank you!" 

     Jason and Rhonda